What Is A Root Or Foundation Of The Word In Medical Terminology

ROOT: This is the foundation of the word. All medical terms consists of one or more ROOTS.

eg. pulmonology in this word pulm/ is the ROOT, which means lung.

See some more examples:

1. gastritis (inflammation of the intestine) – gastr/o is the ROOT, which means intestine.

2. hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) – hepa/o is the root, which means liver

3. cardiology (study of heart) – cardi/0 means heart

4. adenoma (tumorous mass) – aden/o means gland

5. arthritis (inflammation of the joint) – arthr/o means joint

6. biology (study of life) – bio/o means life

7. carcinoma (cancerous tumor) – carcin/o means cancerous tumor

8. cardiology – cardi/o means heart

9. cephalic – cephal/o means head

10. incision – cis/o means cutting into

11. endocrine – crini/o means gland

12. cytology – cyt/o means cell

13. cystoscopy – cyst/o means bladder

14. dermatitis – derm/o means skin

15. dermatology – dermat/o means skin

16. electrocardiogram – electro/o means electricity

17. encephalopathy – encephal/o means head

18. enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine) – enter/o – means small intestine

19. erythrocyte (red blood cell) – erythr/o means red

20. gastrology (study of stomach) – gastr/o means stomach

21. diagnosis (complete knowledge) – gnos/o means knowledge

22. gynecology (study of woman)- gynec/o means female

23. hematology (study of blood)- hemat/o means blood

24. hematoma (blood tumor) – hem/o means blood

25. hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) hepat/o means liver

26. iatrogenic (state of unexpected side effects) iatr/o means unexpected

27. leukemia (abnormal increase of white blood cells) leuk/o white cell

28. nephrology (study of kidneys) nephr/o means kidney

29. neurology (study of nerves) neur/o means nerve

30. oncology (study of tumors) onc/o means tumor

31. ophthalmology (visual study of eyes) ophthalm/o means eyes

32. osteitis (inflammation of bones) oste/o means bone

33. pathology (microscopic examination of a death cells) path/o means death body

34. pediatrician (specialist in children) ped/o means child

35. psychology (study of mind) psych/o means mind

36. radiology (study of x-rays) radi/o means x-rays

37. renal (pertaining to kidneys) ren/o means kidney

38. rhinitis (study of nose) rhin/o means nose

39. sarcoma (malignant tumor) sarc/o means malignant

40. resection (resection or cutting back) sect/o means cutting

41. thrombocyte (clotting cells or platelets) thromb/o means clot

42. urology (study of urine) ur/o means urine

COMBINING VOWEL: In all these root we see the letter /O/, which combines root to the suffix or word ending.

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